2933      Andree lives by the philosophy, we  create the life we are living.  It is easy to  own what we create when life is great,  difficult to own when things are not so  great.

     Sometimes in life we come to a cross road  unsure of what is happening in our life, and  our still quiet voice calls us to be  present,  to pay attention to explore the possibility  that we are being called to do some internal healing.  If this is the case it  is important to pause life, make ourselves a priority and get to the root of what prevents us from moving forward with our passions or what prevents us from finding happiness.

     Andree is an advocate for healing what is needed, spending time with self reflection, becoming aware of what we create for ourselves in our lives, and then taking personal responsibility by owning and changing what is needed.  More times than not, harmony, peace and happiness follows. It is then we emanate and share these aspects out into our world. Often we hear people say they want to make a difference in this world, but I believe we cannot make that change until we first start with ourselves.

     Andree specializes in helping her clients come back to themselves, rather than focusing outside of themselves.  It is the focusing outside of oneself that truly prevents us from being happy, getting back to our nature, reconnecting with our passions and our spirit, this is where we come to know the meaning of freedom.  Free to be who we were intended to be, to stand in our individual nature.

“We honour individuals and ourselves by acknowledging and owning our unique talents. Making sure we integrate the beauty of the whole of who we are into our families, our communities, this world, without judgment of self, or judgment of another.” Andree Hurl

Contact Andree for more information or to book an appointment.

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