I am more grateful than I can say to Andree for her wisdom and compassion in guiding me through events in my life which might easily have taken a turn for the worse. As it was, with the insight she so tactfully offered, I was able to carry on with a renewed optimism and confidence.! ! But above all, I have valued her genuine heart, her own life experience, and her wise counsel, and would recommend her guidance to my closest family members, without hesitation…! ! D.S.

February 27th, 2014

J.G. Canberra, Australia

Andree Hurl Counseling

I came to Andree after a few tough years trying to find my purpose and overcome some fears. Andree was able to help me to refocus on what was important and to let go of the perceived barriers I had held onto. Andree is compassionate yet truthful, loving yet firm and always willing to let one walk their path.

After a few sessions with Andree and some soul searching, I changed my life in ways that I hadn’t dreamed of. I highly recommend Andree to anyone seeking positive changes in their lives and needing a little compassionate refocusing.


November 6, 2013

Andreé Hurl Counselling

This is a letter of recommendation for Andreé Hurl.
She is amazing! I can truly say she has changed my life over the year that I saw her.
For me, I experienced her counselling style as one of empowerment and clarity. The techniques she encouraged me to use during my time of crisis I still use today. What I really appreciated was that Andreé listened, really listened and with just a word or two something would “click” and it was then that I would gain clarity. She doesn’t tell you what to do, but rather, through discussion empowers one to make healthy choices, to which I am truly grateful for.
On a personal level, it is intense work but oh, so rewarding! After being a client for a year I feel stronger, more in control of my life and now have the confidence to deal with anything!
I would not hesitate to recommend Andreé as a counsellor.

A. F.

Novermeber 08,2013

From the moment I met Andree in February of 2010, I felt completely at ease with her. She exudes kindness and compassion from the heart and this is evident immediately . As a counselor, she has helped me with several issues and her guidance has been invaluable in allowing me to view my challenges from a different perspective and gain insight into my own nature.
When I speak with Andree, I know that I am being heard without judgement and that I am able to express myself safely. Her skills as a counsellor have the perfect blend of compassion and nurturing with an inner strength and surety. In short, she is amazing!
S. F.


One thought on “Testimonials

    Andree Hurl responded:
    October 6, 2014 at 1:08 am

    Hi Thank your for your kind words. The truth is I haven’t been blogging long myself but do love it when I find the time. I say just go for it and write from your heart. Good luck I will work on my next blog and look forward to reading yours when you have it up and running. Warmly Andree

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