About Me

photo (1)Andree graduated from the University of Victoria in 2011 receiving her Diploma in Humanities, majoring in Counselling and her minor studies was in World Religions. Andree is a Registered counsellor  (RPC) and is a Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling (MPCC) certified with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association.

Andree dedicates herself to supporting and assisting individuals and couples in short term resolutions, helping individuals to reconnect with themselves and others. She is passionate about guiding individuals to reach their personal goals and dreams. Andree integrates the concepts of cognitive-behavioural, emotion-focused and solution-based brief therapy when dealing with concerns such as; anxiety, loss, grief, self-esteem, stress, anger, relationship and family concerns.

In addition to her counselling practise Andree is active within her community by supporting and raising awareness for different organizations. She has been an organizer and administrator for  local and international retreats within her faith community for the past thirteen years.  She also volunteers  for both Vancouver Island, and the Royal Jubilee Hospitals offering spiritual care for end of life support to family and patients, as well as spiritual care for acute and trauma patients.


Andree was born and raised in Buckinghamshire, England, immigrated to Canada in 1966 at the age of eleven the first time. The family returned to England when Andree was seventeen and returned to Canada when 19 years of age.

Andree is one of nine children , has been married for forty- one years and has two amazing daughters. Coming from a large family, has afforded Andree the ability to experience many different types of personalities. She is a strong believer that everyone has their own way of being in the world and has the right to express that, as long as they allow others to do the same.

Professionally, Andree has been fortunate to work in both the government and private sectors. From here in the past fifteen years there were a number of career opportunities which presented themselves.  Andree ran and operated her own business as a seamstress for four years. Later she and her husband travelled and came home to partnership and create a new company which they ran together for six years. This business afforded Andree to complete her education and upon her completion they both felt  it was time to fulfill their passions.  Andree’s husband opened a doggie daycare, and Andree began her private practise.

Andree has always been one to volunteer.  Volunteering for Victoria Hospice for eighteen months was an incredible experience and still does holds a special place for Andree.   Andree while being a volunteer for Hospice co-introduced a highly successful program into the high school curriculum called “Helping Hands”. This program gave the students an opportunity to give practical assistance to families dealing with cancer.

Andree’s  driving force and passion is always to be of service, when and where possible, it is what feeds her.

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