Contemplating ones Spiritual Identity

As we walk this earthly pathway of life we are constantly creating identities for ourselves, ie: mothers, fathers, care givers, secretaries, nurses, clerks, lawyers, and the list goes. How often though do any of us contemplate our spiritual identity; do we even know what that looks like?

I believe ones spiritual identity is defined by the quality of a person, the expression of their character and the nature of their spirit. It isn’t until we take ownership for all of who we are, both our light and our shadow sides within our attitudes, behaviours, traits, talents, and by our actions that our spiritual identity can be truly expressed. It is then we are able to be our authentic self, this is when we stand in our own power without taking anything away from anyone else.

The author of “The Four-Fold Way” Angeles Arrien describes power as the following:

“When we are in the full flow of our power, we are being true to our spirit, we are fully expressing our authentic self.”

I encourage all of us to explore our spiritual identify with joy.