Yay for Sunshine!

I recently got sick and have been pretty much out of commission for the past three weeks. While this bug gave me some much needed down time, I was also given the gift of some big realizations and changes that need to occur with regards to the direction in which my life is headed. I am a strong believer, out of struggle comes joy. There is contrast in all things isn’t there, and I am grateful for what is being presented to me at this time in my life.

So today is a new day, the sun is shinning and the heat feels great, new beginnings.
I would like to share with all of you some areas that need to be revamped within my life. Of late I have been questioning what is really going on in my life and where am I expelling my energy .

I took a piece of paper and drew a circle and divided my life up into percentages of where I allocate my time and energy. I was absolutely shocked when I looked at the finished drawing. I have allowed my life to get out of balance. I have allowed the things and people I value the most, be neglected, including myself. I realized I have created things in my life so as to avoid what I really need to take responsibility for. I have decided I am going to let go of expectations others have of me, start valuing my time and my abilities and fill myself up so that I can be there for others in the moment and support them in the way they need to be supported, but first that has to begin with myself. I think I can speak for many women who don’t value the gifts they have and often seem to sabotage their success. SO this is a new day, a new begining and if those of you who know me see me get off track again I give you permission to remind me of this blog.
Thanks for reading and letting me share.